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Mallorca Weather News

Mallorca Weather News
Schönes Wetter auf Mallorca

Mallorca Quick Weather Check

The weather in Mallorca finally brightens in the middle of the month.

According to the weather service, it remains sunny in Mallorca for the first unusually wet days until further notice, the temperatures reach more than 20 degrees daily. However, there can be thunder storms from Sunday morning.
During the night the temperatures drop to 12-13 degrees, which allows you a restful sleep. The wind sometimes does not blow at all otherwise weak from the south. On Sunday, however, it should be a bit stormy for a few hours to the north. For holidaymakers and locals with insensitive nature, it is therefore possible to venture a first bath in the Mediterranean. Even if the water temperature is still far below 20 degrees. In this pleasant spring situation, nothing should change in the new week.